Looking For Distributors For New Fencing Product. www.thepostcollar.com

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Country:   USA
Region:   CA
City:   San Jose
Zip:   95126
Condition:   New

The Post Collar works. We have them in a few dozen stores and sell average 1200 a month from our online site with no advertising. Looking to give an exclusive to a distributor. Huge points, small shelve space and they sell in stores.

We are also filing the patents in Canada and The UK. Huge opportunities for stock options, investors, distributors and a possible marketing firm to team up. 
Family business and we will share % stocks, we need help getting them out there. They Work!

Email: troy@postcollar.com

Contact Info
Contact Name: Troy EMMETT
Address: 1295 Manchester St #1
Phone: 408-680-6581
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