OverstockFence.com is an online classified website offering a wide variety of high-quality, brand-name fence supplies at discount prices, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, steel, chain link and much more. We give customers an opportunity to shop for bargains conveniently, while offering manufacturers, distributors, contractors and other retailers an alternative sales channel for liquidating their inventory.
Our simple and affordable way of listing products on our site, allows sellers with surplus products a new avenue to reduce inventory or just get rid of unused inventory. We also give businesses the opportunity to look for new employee's by posting job opportunities. Do you need  to sell your old unused equipment or find new equipment to use? Our site also allows buyers the opportunity to get the products they want at a bargain. It allows them to contact the sellers directly to make the right deal.
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Our History
 In the winter of 2011, we recognized the potential in liquidating excess fence inventory through the Internet. Up until then, bargain-seeking consumers had relied upon big box retail centers with crowds and limited product selections, and small retailers found little access into the world of closeout merchandise. Meanwhile, adoption of online shopping was skyrocketing.

Three months later and with no outside funding, OverstockFence.com was launched with the mission of being the premier company selling excess fence inventory through the Internet. Founded on the principles of value investing and fair dealing, OverstockFence.com has quickly become the online leader in a market valued at $16 Billion in the United States.  

In May of 2013, with 60,000 Visitors a month OverstockFence.com merged with MVP Media Services. This merger has allowed OverstockFence.com to expand our product list to include additional Advertising Tools and more personal interactions with our clients. With our larger and more experienced team OverstockFence.com ensures that when you work with OverstockFence.com and MVP Media Services ..... They'll Never Stop Talking About You!